Change of Direction Class

Our Change of Direction exercises and drills are created to simulate and mimic game-like movements.  We call this class, Game Day.  


One of the major areas that is often overlooked in most sports training are Reaction Skills.  The exciting thing about Reaction Skills, like speed, it can be trained.  Athletes can gain a tremendous advantage by utilizing proper footwork. Why performa movement in two or three steps when you can do it one?


We teach our athletes how to minimize their steps to maximize their potential by reinforcing the concept and execution of Maximum Potential Energy Posture & Positions, Athletic Position 101.  


Change of direction classes train and mirror specific athletic movements based on various game premises:  

Linear and backward movements

Lateral movements




Proper Stopping

Changing directions

Center of gravity management

Reaction Skills – eye hand coordination

This is the ideal class for athletes looking to improve their footwork and agility.  Stand out from the competition! Be a complete athlete!


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