Linear Acceleration

Our Linear Acceleration class focuses on the various phases of the sprint and sprint mechanics.  While much of an athlete’s speed depends on their genetic makeup, speed can also be taught and everyone can get faster!


The phases of a sprint are as follows:

START –  The start of a sprint is first based on the athlete’s explosive power to help get them from a static position out into the drive phase of the sprint.

ACCELERATION PHASE – Once the athlete has left the static position the athlete is now in the acceleration or drive phase.

MAXIMAL VELOCITY – There are three primary goals of maximal velocity sprinting: preservation of stability, minimizing braking forces and maximization of vertical propulsive forces.

Proper sprinting mechanics refers to the body’s position during sprinting.  Developing proper sprinting mechanics will increase the opportunity to run faster.   


Our Linear Acceleration class helps our athletes master the three phases of a Sprint, focusing on form and techniques such as:

  • Body Lean
  • Head Position
  • Arm Action
  • Foot Strike or Contact
  • Leg Action


Linear Acceleration is for athletes looking to improve their running form and speed.  Rise above your competition!  


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