While strength training is known to be the foundation of any effective football conditioning program, absolute strength alone isn’t enough if football players want to reach their full potential.


Football movements are about speed, power, and explosiveness.  Power is a combination of Speed and Strength.  The strongest player doesn’t necessarily have an advantage, it is the player who is powerful that holds the advantage.  Proper training can play a huge part in your performance on the field.


At Athletes Arbor, we believe in training like you play by creating “game like” situational movements during performance training to set the athletes, and/or team, up for optimal success on the field.  Our sports performance and agility training improves foot speed, quickness, acceleration, switching direction, starting and stopping, and reaction skills to reach your maximum potential and stand above the competition.  We train the recruitment of Fast Twitch Fiber Muscles so the athletes are ready to engage with explosive power.


If you want to play explosively, train explosively!


We focus on:

  • Improve your Speed on the field
  • Knock time off of your 10, 20, and 40 yard dash
  • Improve body positioning to maximize your speed
  • Combine Specific Test training available
  • Increase Quickness
  • Quicker Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Quicker First Step
  • Quicker in and out of cuts and different body angles
  • More Explosive
  • Stronger and more explosive hips
  • Quicker and Stronger “Pop”
  • Stronger Core for overall strength
  • Improved Reaction Time
  • Quicker Eye-Hand Coordination
  • React Quicker to a player
  • Quicker footwork off of a reaction


If you or your Football team are looking to elevate their game, contact us to find out more about  our class sessions, one-on-one, semi private, or scheduling a team training program.


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