At Athletes Arbor, it’s important to meet our client’s needs, and for some athletes, that means One-on-One or Semi-Private Group Training.

As with all of our training programs, the first step is the Free Evaluation & Consultation, supported by video technology.  The evaluation outcome, combined with the athlete’s goals and objectives, will help us build a sports performance prescription and determine whether group, One-on-One or Semi-Private group training sessions are the best fit.

To Be Explosive, Train Explosively

The Semi-Private Group Training is ideal for small groups with 2-8 athletes looking for a customized program to find their needs. By training with a friend or in a group, you will push and motivate each other to get the most out of each quality workout. Not only that, you will also have fun!

Our trainers can customize the workout to fit the needs of the group and each athlete can have more attention from the trainer in the smaller environment. We offer these sessions in half-hour time slots or full hour slots.  

If you, or your classmates or teammates, are looking to elevate their game, contact us to find out more about our class sessions, one-on-one, semi-private, or scheduling a team training program.


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