Small Group Training – Open Gym

The Small Group Training – Open Gym or (SGT-OG) is ideal for the athlete who is looking for the individualize workout but doesn’t want or need the 1:1 attention.  These training sessions will be completed in an “Open Gym” environment.  Yes…Individualized Programming in a Small Group Setting.  Our coaches will write the athlete’s program, walk them through the exercises to make sure they are safe and set up for success and then monitor them in the Small Group Setting.  Our coaches will then customize the workout on a monthly basis to match the needs of the athlete.  

As with all of our training programs, the first step with SGT-OG is the Free Evaluation & Consultation, supported by video technology.  The evaluation outcome, combined with the athlete’s goals and objectives, will help our build a sports performance prescription.

Here are some benefits of our Small Group Training – Open Gym (SGT-OG)

  • Customization
    • Our SGT-OG sessions are set up so each athlete has their own customized workout but it takes place in a small group setting. Our coaches will adjust the customized programming monthly to make sure we are helping the athletes achieve their goals.
  • More Economical than 1:1
    • There is a need for everyone! While 1:1 training may be a great fit for someone with specific needs.  Our SGT-OG may fit your budget better and it will still give you the individualized programming and attention you need.
  • More Personal Attention
    • While our General Prep Group Classes offer many benefits, the coaches in SGT-OG will be able to monitor you with more attention to detail.
  • Motivation
    • Having someone in the gym who knows your programming and understands your needs can push you a little harder than you be pushed in a Group Class
  • Support
    • You’re not alone! Because the groups are smaller, everyone gets to know each other.  The coaches are in the gym to help you get the workout.
  • Adherence
    • We are creating habits! Research shows that people are involved in a program are more likely to stick with it.
  • Results
    • We wouldn’t be doing this if we were not seeing results already!! This is a customized program designed for you that is adjusted each month so you continue to see positive results.


  • 2x a week training – $300 per month
  • 3x a week training – $350 per month

Our pricing also includes unlimited access to our group classes in addition to your SGT-OG.

If you, or your classmates or teammates, are looking to elevate their game, contact us to find out more about our class sessions, one-on-one, small group, or scheduling a team training program.


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