There is no one-size-fits-all process to training. Find your ideal methodology at Athletes Arbor. We offer individual and group training led by our elite, certified and fun instructors, you’ll be determined to crush your goals, make friends and break a sweat. Are you ready?


We do not just train athletes!!  Personal Training at Athletes Arbor is an excellent option for someone who wants that 1:1 attention and/or relationship as their main form of training.  Or you may have a schedule that does not allow you train during “normal” hours.  Our highly skilled and qualified coaches can personalize your workout to make sure it aligns with your needs and goals.

One of the top reasons people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get into shape. If your goal is to decrease body fat and build muscle, an Athletes Arbor Coach can keep you on track, keep you motivated, accountable, and keep you focused on reaching your number one goal.  If you have any specific health conditions or injuries, your Athletes Arbor Coach will work with you and your doctor or physical therapist to plan a safe, effective program.

Athletes Arbor also offers Small Group Training for those who like working with a partner or friend or for those people who get more out of their workout by competing. Small Group Training is typically 2-4 people with one trainer. Semi-private training is more cost-effective than the traditional 1 on 1 training and is also a popular option.


Join our one of a kind Adult Boot Camp Class! The class is structured to accommodate every type of skill level. Whether you are looking to lose weight, inches, improve strength, increase your metabolism or just push yourself and improve your overall health and shape, this class has what you need.

All of your training sessions are fun, dynamic and challenging. We combine resistance training, cardiovascular training, plyometrics, core strength, stability training and flexibility training into your workouts. Unlike the style of what your current workout routine may be, you will never get bored with this style of fitness training. This class is a perfect opportunity to bring out the ATHLETE IN YOU!!!

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