8-Week Challenge


Join us for the Athletes Arbor – After Athletics, 8-Week Challenge and we will help you build a Lean, Energetic, and Athletic Body.

Stay tuned for a Challenge to start up!!!

During this challenging time we have spoken with many of our clients and followers, and many of them are experiencing the same thing. They are lacking the motivation to work out and the guidance and coaching to give them confidence that they are doing the right training and nutrition protocols for them. They’re also bored and lonely and missing a key to their success: accountability and the social aspect that fitness, training in an atmosphere like Athletes Arbor can bring.

And this is why we are inviting YOU to join our team for the Athletes Arbor 8-Week Challenge.

  • Lose Body Fat
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Get Fit
  • Build Confidence
  • Build Strength
  • Become More Mobile
  • And so much more….

Here is what you get…

  • Our best programming to get you lean and stronger.
  • Access to all of our After Athletics Classes
  • Nutrition Plan with Recipe Books, Shopping Lists, and Plans
  • Weekly Facebook Live Accountability sessions with our team
  • Access to Athletes Arbor Support Group

No matter where you are starting, whether a brand new beginner or advanced, you will have the support you need to be successful.


Things get better when you add some prizes to the mix!! While the biggest prize by far is transforming yourself and upgrading the way you look, feel, and perform, and keeping it for life; it’s also great to have some extra reward for your hard work.

This isn’t just for people who will train in the gym. If you are not quite ready to come into the gym, that’s perfectly fine with us. We will put together a program based on the equipment you have at the house. And, you will still get all of the same benefits as everyone else!!!