Athletes Arbor is a one-of-a-kind, evidence-based sports training facility dedicated to taking their athletes to the next level of performance.

A2 is committed to each athlete reaching their optimal results. We apply methods and techniques from over 80,000 case studies, illustrating athletes becoming faster, stronger & more explosive with the program. Results Guaranteed!

Our trainers use the principles of the MORR System, which has been developed by a Legend in the Sports Performance Training World, Chip Smith. The MORR System stands for Movement, Over-speed, Resistance, and Reaction. As sports performance coaches, we can break down a movement of any sport and use the MORR System to train it and build it back up to be faster, stronger, and more explosive.

Training the Athletes Arbor Way:

Reduces injuries
Increases overall sports performance
Increases position-specific performance
Facilitates rehabilitation of injuries and returns the athlete to the playing field
Enables coaches to tailor or customize training to suit the specific needs of an athlete

Body mechanics and the way muscles function are also a key part of our Training System. Our trainers understand that human movement, creation of energy, and building muscle are keys to better performance at a respective sport. The central nervous system (CNS) muscle connection and adaptation of increased muscle to movements are vital to an athlete’s progress. Understanding these bio-mechanics of the body and how to best train athletes and develop balance, strength, size, explosiveness, and speed is what A2 is all about and help us apart from other training facilities!

Prior to joining a program, we conduct a free baseline evaluation and consultation, supported by video technology. This process enables us to establish a baseline and identify the athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement, as well as to learn their personal goals. Periodically, we’ll use this same evaluation process and video technology to re-test, re-evaluate, and measure the athlete’s improvements.

Athletes Arbor has combined our tested and proven training methodology with the latest and most innovative techniques to ensure our athletes produce the best results possible.


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