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Jeff Boyd

Linear Speed Training Specialist

Coach Jeff Boyd is a Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPS) and Co-owner of the Collegeville location. Jeff has trained under a legend and pioneer in the Sports Performance Industry, Chip Smith, to earn his MORR Certification.  He also has a KORDZ certification, developed by Former NFL player and Athletes Arbor co-owner, Coach Dave Klemic.  Jeff trains athletes to improve linear speed, lateral quickness and fluidity, vertical and linear leaping ability, dynamic and static flexibility and human mechanical sport efficiencies.

As a former Standout Athlete in Football, Basketball, and Track he earned 11 Varsity letters in High School and went on to play Football at Gettysburg College for four years, where he earned Bacholer’s degree.  In 2006, he was inducted into the Mainland Regional High School (NJ) Athletic Hall of Fame.  Jeff combines his athletic experience, along with the knowledge from the MORR certification, to train athletes become Faster, Stronger and more Explosive in their respective sports.  He can offer an athletic perspective and is comfortable and confident training athletes from any sport. Jeff, his wife and two boys live in the Collegeville Area.

Ian Walterson

Linear Speed Training Specialist

Ian is certified as a sports performance coach, crossfit and weight loss consultant. Ian went to college at the college of New Caledonia Prince George, British Columbia, Canada While enrolled in human kinetics and anthropology, Ian played 5 years of Major Junior hockey in the Western Hockey League. From there he went on to train with Canadian National Men's Ice Hockey team. Played professional hockey in the East Coast Hockey League with the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies. Kelly Cup Championship in 02-03 season and was Captain of the team 05.

David Klemic

Linear Speed Training Specialist

Training athletes to improve linear speed, lateral quickness and fluidity, vertical and linear leaping ability, dynamic and static flexibility and human mechanical sport efficiencies. Speed and Performance Training methods derived from an extensive background of speed training. Former NFL football wide receiver, Kansas City Chiefs. "2001 KC Chiefs fastest man." Athletic Hall of Fame Northeastern University. Northeastern University School Record Holder in 40 yard dash (4.28). Division I 3x American East Conference Most Valuable Performer. Athletic Hall of Mainland Regional High School.