Jumping and Explosion Class

Jump training isn’t just for basketball or volleyball players.  Nearly every athlete in every sport can benefit from training explosive movements:  baseball, lacrosse, soccer, football, track, swimming, just to name a few.

Essentially, any sport where an athlete is at a standstill position and needs to make a quick movement in any direction, it’s an explosive movement.  In order to best train these explosive movements you have to train your Fast Twitch Fiber FTF’s.

“If you want to be explosive, you need to train explosively!” Chip Smith

When we evaluate our athletes, using video technology, we measure how much force and power they can put into a movement. The Broad Jump and the Vertical Leap help determine how much explosion an athlete can exert.

Athletes Arbor Jumping and Explosion class will complement our Linear Acceleration and Change of Direction classes by building up leg strength and recruiting more FTF’s.

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