Speed & Weights Class

When designing a strength program it is important to remember that, unless the athletes are strength athletes (weight lifters, power lifters), on field/court/pool/rink optimal performance should be the ultimate goal. Any Sports Performance strength program should complement the speed training to ensure the athlete achieves maximum speed and optimal explosiveness at their respective sport. We do not lift just to get strong… we lift to add power and prevent injuries.

Become a Complete Athlete!

The goal of our Speed and Weights class is to take the athletes to the next level of performance, top of their game. This combination of speed work and weights has produced proven & significant measurable results in our athletes. We have seen the following results from our system:

  • Increases overall performance – speed, power, technique, explosive movements
  • Reduces injuries
  • Facilitates rehabilitation of injuries, allowing athletes to return to their respective sport sooner

If you or your young athletes are looking to increase their athleticism, enhance their performance, and add power to their movements, this class is the perfect fit. Let our highly trained Sports Performance coaches help you achieve your goals and stand out among the competition.



“If you want to be explosive, you need to train explosively!” Chip Smith

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