College Student Athletes quickly realize that playing at the collegiate level is very different than the high school level. Regardless the sport, the speed of the game and level of play dramatically increases. The demand for top level performance is at an all-time high, so every college athlete needs to be in excellent game shape for competition! Physical performance and injury prevention are important to the longevity of the athlete throughout their college career.

Athletes Arbor College Athlete classes are set up to prepare the College Athletes for their season. We understand Collegiate Programs provide workouts for their athletes when they are not at school. Our mission is to complement those workouts and provide another level of training!

The class focus is on-field performance improvement with an additional emphasis on conditioning. We like to say,

“If you can pass our conditioning drills and tests then you can pass any
conditioning test that is presented to you.”

If you are looking to take your performance to another level at the next level, reach out us to schedule an evaluation, get started & see why athletes choose A2!

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