Evaluation is key to success on your training program

Without an evaluation, one never truly knows where one stands and if one improves. Being able to measure improvements is a vital part of training. Without it, you won’t know if the training is beneficial or not.

Athletes need to monitor their results and mark progress to help them stay motivated and encourage them to work even harder.  Simply put, it is critical to monitor and test athletes throughout the program.

At Athletes Arbor, prior to joining a program, we conduct a free evaluation and consultation supported by video technology.  This process enables us to establish a baseline and to identify the athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement, as well as to learn their personal goals.  Periodically, we’ll use this same evaluation process and video technology to re-test, re-evaluate, and measure improvement.

Founded on 20 Years of Evidenced-Based Case Studies

Athletic Evaluation includes testing the following:

10 yard dash20 yard dash
5/10/5 Shuttle
Broad Jump
Vertical Leap

If you do not know where you started, there is a chance you do not know where you are going.

The information gathered in the evaluation and consultation allows us to provide feedback and customized recommendations in order to enable athletes to achieve maximum measureable results, thus leading them down the path to individualized success!

Based on an athlete’s evaluation outcome, we will recommend an individualized training prescription to help them a) reach their goals, b) achieve optimal results and c) maximize their athleticism in their respective sport.  Their prescription is designed to improve their sprint, shuttle, and vertical leap a minimum of 20% of the national averages, backed up by official professional timing. This is a significant and highly noticeable change in athletic output. You will see the notable difference on the field, court, track, pool, or rink.

Train with the best to be your best!

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